Create Your Own Lane

Hey! It's nice to meet you!

My name is Veronique and I am the creator of Sun People Beauty! Thank you for your interest in my product line. I created it just for you! 

My passion and depth of experience is with mature melanin skin. Ever since I created my own mineral foundation line back in 2009, I've been helping women bring back the glow! I've been wearing my own cosmetics since I was 29!


As I entered my 40's however, I begin to notice changes in my own skin, changes that products on the market weren't addressing-at least not without a  host of chemicals.

And believe me, I know what's out there. I remember working as a beauty advisor for a major retailer, selling products that I wouldn't dare put on my own face. But I learned two things-that the beauty industry hasn't acknowledged the fact that black women age differently and I learned what YOU wanted in a skincare line. 

The lack of a skincare line for black women with mature skin forced me to create my own from scratch.  

I've always believed that nature provides everything needed to reveal your best skin, so I did my homework. I researched melanated skin-really delving into how it functions and reacts, and then matched our needs with those natural ingredients that would address them.

The result is a skincare line that takes a natural approach to our biggest skincare challenges. Our highly-concentrated formulas made with high-quality, natural and organic ingredients known to benefit melanated skin (ingredients not typically seen in other brands btw) masterfully takes our biggest skincare challenges head on.



At Sun People Beauty, we believe when you give skin what it needs, it can't help but glow.

When I created Sun People Beauty, I selected those natural and organic ingredients that benefit our skin. I call them "purposeful natural and organic ingredients". These super ingredients are known to:
✅Fade blemishes
✅Calm inflammation ✅Control hyperpigmentation ✅Balance moisture ✅Heal and calm skin ✅Promote a brighter, more even tone


Nourished skin heals faster, promotes healthy cell turnover and completes processes more efficiently. This is especially important with melanin skin and combating hyperpigmentation. Our goal is to harness the power of nature to address the skincare needs of mature melanin skin.

Again, I thank you for your interest in Sun People has been 10 YEARS IN THE MAKING! Thanks for being a part of my dream!