Melanin Must Have: Turmeric

Melanin Must Have: Turmeric

We've all seen those turmeric face masks used for skin brightening...yawn. Turmeric can do so much more than a single-use face mask will allow! To truly experience the benefits of turmeric, you must incorporate it into your daily skincare routine.

In addition to promoting a brighter tone, here's what else turmeric can do:

  • Contains curcumin which can help heal wounds and prevent scarring

  • Anti-inflammatory and skin calming which can clear breakouts

  • Enhances skin's natural glow

  • Combats hyperpigmentation by controlling skin's reaction to trauma

Turmeric's high curcumin content helps to heal wounds and lowers your skin's response to trauma, which is essential in preventing hyperpigmentation. If you have an uneven tone, blemishes and/or dark spots, introducing turmeric into your daily skincare routine is a must to keep skin calm, clear and glowing. 

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