Melanin Must Have: Antioxidants

Melanin Must Have: Antioxidants

Melanin skin needs a skincare diet that is antioxidant-rich. As the fight against hyperpigmentation is life-long for black skin, we must equip our skin with what it needs to fight the good fight. But we rarely hear about  antioxidants discussed in relation to hyperpigmentation and black skincare.

Antioxidants are natural vitamins and minerals that protect skin from the free radicals (environment) and sun rays that cause skin cells to oxidize, leading to a host of skin issues from hyperpigmentation, inflammation, wrinkles...even skin cancer. 

Melanin skin that is not protected from cell oxidation is prone to hyperpigmentation, an over production of melanin (hello skin discoloration and dark spots). Now, we don't want to knock the importance of sunscreen, but sunscreen does not repair damage that has already been done, nor does it address environmental factors, like pollution. Remember that melanin skin is especially sensitive and reacts to everything around it!

The right antioxidants will keep your skin calm in the face of free radicals and will improve the look and feel of skin while doing it. If you're serious about healthy skin and a bright, even tone, a skincare regimen rich in antioxidants is a melanin must have.

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