Black don't crack, but...

Black don't crack, but...

We've all done look in the mirror one day and say, "What's happening?!"  Your skin looks lifeless and dull. The blemishes  are appearing more frequently and taking longer to fade. And the dryness...OH THE DRYNESS!

"What's happening?!!!"

As skin matures, processes slow down and our skin becomes more sensitive to environmental stress. When melanated skin reacts to these stressors, it overreacts, creating blemishes and uneven tone-a process known as hyperpigmentation. 

We also experience a decrease in natural oil and collagen production-which leads to the appearance of dry/dull skin that isn't as plump as it use to be.

Black don't crack...but the melanin struggle is indeed real!

The  most frustrating part of all this for black women is the lack of skincare products that address the needs of mature melanin skin. When the industry thinks anti-aging it's just wrinkles and sagging skin,  it's never uneven tone and blemishes. When was the last time you saw an anti-aging ad that addressed hyperpigmentation? 

The beauty industry hasn't acknowledged that we age differently.

That's why it's imperative to choose skincare products that are made for you, by someone who looks like you. Anti-aging is not "one size fits all."

Mature melanin skin needs more

Melanated skin needs these four elements to be it's best:

  • To stay calm
  • To be balanced
  • To be nourished
  • To be protected

And it all starts with nourishment. Nature provides everything needed to reveal your best skin. We've become so accustomed to chemicals and bleaching creams that we've ignored the fact that our skin is a living, breathing organism. Skin needs vitamins, minerals and antioxidants just as the inside of our bodies do.

And when you give skin what it needs, it can't help but glow.

Nourished skin heals faster, promotes healthy cell turnover and completes processes more efficiently. This is especially important for combating hyperpigmentation. But it isn't enough to have natural ingredients-for melanated skin, it is important to choose products with ingredients that benefit our skin specifically.

Whether you noticed a few suspect skin occurrences and ignored them (and they've now snowballed) or absolutely panicked, when skin changes, you have to change with it. The solution could be as simple as upgrading your skincare.

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