Is your melanin being nourished?

Is your melanin being nourished?

Healthy skin glows, and if your skin isn't getting the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs, it's not healthy.

Often we associate nourishment with the inside of our bodies, but rarely with the outside. Our skin is a living, breathing organism. It protects our body from environmental stressors and attacks-a very important job. So, the question is, are we giving it what it needs to do that job effectively?

Truth is, as skin ages, processes slow down, skin loses collagen and produces less natural oils. Melanin skin in particular becomes more prone to hyperpigmentation.

Sun People Beauty believes that nature provides everything needed for skin to perform it's best, so we chose quality natural and organic ingredients to nourish melanin skin and improve skin health.

With the right natural ingredients, blemishes fade faster, and new ones are prevented, collagen is retained, inflamed, irritated skin is calmed and oil production is balanced. 

Check your current skincare regimen and then ask yourself, "Is my melanin being nourished?"


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